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These are talks I have given on various technologies. They were originally PowerPoint decks, but the items below link to Google Docs versions of them.

Unit and Integration Tests External Page
jUnit testing can encompass 'unit tests', which address isolated code modules, and 'integration tests', which test how modules interact with external resources such as databases, the network and a filesystem. This was a talk I gave to the CareDiscovery project developer team at Thomson-Reuters Healthcare & Sciences in Evanston, IL. It was to help clarify the differences between the two types of jUnit testing, and the manner in which they are run. (2011-03-28)
Development Infrastructures Changes to Support Agile Processes External Page
This presentation outlines steps that the CareDiscovery development team at Thomson-Reuters Healthcare & Sciences (Evanston, IL) were taking to adopt agile processes. Distribute Version Control Systems, Mercurial, Maven and Continuous Integration Systems are covered. (2010-07-28)
Upgrading Maven from Version 1 to 2 External Page
This was a presentation to the CareDiscovery development team at Thomson-Reuters Healthcare & Sciences following the conversion of all projects from Maven 1 to Maven 2. Issues covered include: repository layout changes, standardized project layouts and lifecycles, the new plugin architecture, the coordinate system, public repositories, repository servers, pom.xml, dependency scoping and resolution, and techniques for customizing builds. (2010-08-12)
Introducing Spring JDBC External Page
This is a brief introduction to Spring JDBC given to the CareDiscovery development team at Thomson-Reuters Healthcare & Sciences as part of a series of discussions for considering technologies to include in the next generation platform. (2011-04-22)
Open Source News External Page
This is a proposal I made to the Chicago Tribune for an open, public API to access their news content. It was made in response to a challenge made to Tribune employees by management to come up with a game-changing new direction for the news.
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