Frontend Software Engineer - SDET

 Photo of Greg Sandell I have over ten years experience providing web technology expertise to major corporations and enterprises for the building of web applications of high quality and reliability. Recent accomplishments include providing clients with solutions using Javascript/Node.js/React Front End Development, Selenium-based Automated UI Testing, Salesforce eCommerce, load testing, SQL database design, asynchronous/multi-threaded processing, and integrating third party software.

I excel at team code development, project lifecycle, cross-functional teamwork, identifying business needs and using collaboration tools. A long career in technology encompassing such areas as Java, Maven, Eclipse, Tomcat, C, Struts, and even laserdisk mutlimedia apps, gives me the benefit of diverse wisdom, a passion for learning, and an ability to learn quickly.

I have applied technology and software development across a diverse and eclectic backround including music graduate school, scientific research in human hearing, and Digital Signal Processing. I am also an accomplished classical pianist, electric bass player, and composer.

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